Christian Elementary School Sports (CESS) was founded in 1986.

Mission Statement

Christian Elementary School Sports exists to:

  1. provide well-organized athletic tournaments that emphasize Christian community, cooperation, skill & strategy development, practice, competition, individual & team growth, enjoyment & involvement for all participants, and opportunity to demonstrate & experience Christ’s love.
  2. provide an opportunity for professional discussion and collegial relations among coaches and athletic coordinators.
  3. support athletics in Christian schools.

Core Beliefs

We believe that:

  • all children have been created in the image of God with different gifts/talents.
  • all children deserve quality playing time to demonstrate excellence in athletics.
  • children thrive under caring and supportive adult leadership.

Elementary School Athletics
We believe that:

  • Jesus Christ is Lord over all, including the human body.
  • athletics promote stewardship of the body by promoting active living and healthy lifestyle habits.
  • athletics promote skill development which enables individuals to live an active lifestyle beyond childhood.
  • participation in fair, positive competition facilitates character growth.
  • participation in a school’s athletic program complements a school’s education program.
  • athletic directors are responsible to communicate CESS philosophy to coaches.
  • when schools have more than one team entered in a tournament they must balance their teams with respect to skill level.

We believe that:

  • in their role, coaches represent Christ, their schools, and CESS.
  • coaches are to encourage the whole development of athletes — physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual.
  • coaches are to demonstrate God’s love in how they form teams, run practices, treat opponents & officials, and organize tournaments.
  • coaches are to strive for competency in their sport.
  • coaches are not to cut players based on skill.